Viewing Auroras in America

Current Ovation Map

When it comes to seeing the Northern lights, it helps to live above a certain latitude. I live in New England, but still have to drive north a way to see anything good. These sites will help you know when to look.

First, you will need a dark site:

Aurora at Mt Monadnock
Aurora at Mt Monadnock near Keene, NH

This site has an excellent darkness overlay. Purple and black are best for viewing, but I’ve picked up color in photographs even in green areas as seen in the shot to the left. You might pick up some lighting or spires with your naked eye.


Second: Check out some maps of current conditions and learn the lingo
(Understanding K-index)

Lastly, the 11 year solar maximum is coming to an end (written Nov 2014) so get out there while you can. Dark skies!